Before I dive into this review first things first, I miss you guys sooooo much!!!!! My original intention was to only take a mini break for about a week however, it’s been a month since my last blog post. I wish I could say I was off traveling the world and the seven seas during this past month but not so much. I took this time out to center and connect with myself. I also spent quality time with my family and friends. I’ve made new friends and released some individuals back into the wild. I decided to be open to dating and went on a few dates (which has been an adventure that needs its own blog post, seriously). Nevertheless, enough of me rambling on and on about my life. Let’s jump into this Stunna Lip Paint Review!!!!

Fenty Beauty burst on the scene changing the beauty game. I instantly fell in love with its head turning lipstick shades specifically the shade Uncensored in Stunna Lip Paint. I must admit I was a bit late to the party because, I didn’t purchase the lipstick when it was first released however, once I bought it I was thinking damn what took me so long!!!!




Uncensored Stunna Lip Paint is a beautiful red matte lipstick. On my skin tone this lipstick appears to be an orange-red. The lipstick can be quite alarming initially because it applies extremely wet. However, it dries to a matte that’s not overly matte. I was able to wear this lipstick for about five hours without needing to retouch. The really cool thing about this lipstick is that I didn’t need to use a lip liner nor did I experience any bleeding or feathering. Normally with other matte lipsticks I must remove the lipstick completely before reapplying because of flaking. Nonetheless, this was not the case with Stunna Lip Paint. I directly applied a fresh coat of lipstick on top of the previously applied coat and had no issues.



I definitely give this lipstick an A-. I was definitely sold after I wore this lippie for 10 hours and it survived through several cocktails and a rack of ribs. The packaging is quite unique. The applicator is extremely easy to use. I would have preferred a thinner tip for a more precise application. The $24 price point is a bit pricy for the amount of product you receive (0.13 oz). However, I believe it’s totally worth it because you don’t experience bleeding, feathering, and flaking. Most importantly this lippie doesn’t dry out your lips. I would have preferred the lipstick to look like a true red on me opposed to a orange-red.