My daily makeup routine is almost never without double stacked lashes, a blinding highlight, and a contour so sharp that it can cut through concrete. However, as much as I live for a good-ole beat that would make any drag queen jealous; I can admit that there are times when my standard beat may be a bit too extra. For day-to-day activities I love slaying a no-makeup makeup look. The key to killing a no-makeup makeup look is creating an application that looks effortless and flawless. Remember less is more when it comes to no-makeup makeup. Here’s how you can do it yourself.



Start with a clean and moisturized face. I love to moisturize with MAC Strobe Cream ($33). You can also prime your skin if necessary (I have pretty dry skin so I opt not to prime).


Groom your eyebrows. I filled in my eyebrows with an eyeshadow for a more natural and less defined appearance. I used a mixture of MAC brownscript and texture eyeshadow  ($16) to create a reddish-brown color that resembled my hair color.


I used a very light layer (literally one pump) of foundation just to even my skin tone. I love MAC Face and Body ($28) because it’s so radiant and weightless. All of my natural beauty marks are visible through this foundation.


Lightly, lightly set your face. Dust your face powder all over your face. Resist the urge to bake!!! I used MAC mineralize skin finish ($34).


Bring back the dimension to your face. Warm your face up lightly with your favorite bronzing powder. I used NYX bronzing powder in deep ($8.99). My go-to blush that I love to use when I’m recreating a flushed look is Peachtwist ($23) by MAC. Dab just a little highlight on the highest point on your cheeks and under your brow. For a natural highlight I used MAC Gold Deposit Skinfinish ($34).


For a bright-eyed look apply at least three coats of your favorite mascara and line your waterline with either a nude or white eyeliner. I never lose with Too Faced Better than Sex mascara ($23). I used MAC eye kohl in fascinating (white, $17.50).


No makeup look is complete without a lippie. For this look I opted to go with MAC Oyster Girl ($17.00) lipgloss which is neutral with a bit of pink shimmer.