Makeup as a whole can be pretty darn confusing especially when you’re first starting out. Furthermore, figuring out which tools you should be armed with in your beauty arsenal can be even more frustrating. Let’s face it, the market is over saturated with tons of brushes and sponges that all serve the same purpose. It gets even more ridiculous when you see a YouTuber doing winged eyeliner with a freaking butcher knife or a cut crease with a spoon. So the ultimate question you may ask yourself is “do I really need brushes to apply my makeup?” My answer to that question is Hell Yes!!!!!!  Ladies, makeup brushes can make or break a look. You can not flawlessly blend for your life with those little sponge applicators. It’s a fact! Each makeup brush is created to target a certain area on your face and the shape of the brush reflects that. So the actual question you should be asking yourself is “Which makeup brushes do I actually need?” Well I’m here to help you determine which essential brushes you need for everyday makeup application. I’ve narrowed down seven quality makeup brushes that I believe every woman should have in their beauty arsenal. I’m extremely big on multi-functional beauty tools; so each brush I chose can be used in several different ways. So let’s jump right into it!  (Brushes are identified from left to right)



Above pictured is the Mac 129 Powder Brush ($35). The cool thing about this brush is that it can also be used to apply your blushes and bronzers. This brush is also great for all face shapes. A powder brush is created to distribute powder products across your face evenly which prevents you from looking cakey.


I have included the Mac 191 Foundation Brush ($35) because I believe it’s an absolute must-have. The flat square shape of this brush allows you to get into every nook and cranny of  your face effortlessly. This brush blends liquid foundation flawlessly.


I absolutely love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter Brush ($25)! Not only are the bristles super soft but, they are tapered which allows you to precisely apply your highlight right where you want it. I have a very narrow face so I like to use this brush to apply my blush as well.


The Sigma Angled Contour  Brush ($23) is specifically made for chiseling those cheek bones. However, it’s soft, fluffy, angled bristles can be used to apply pretty much all powder products. In addition to contouring, you can also use this brush to apply bronzers and blushes.




Pictured above is the Mac 224 Blending Brush ($32) which is used to blend shadows. It’s dome shape picks up just the right amount of product and blends out shadows in your crease flawlessly. You can also use this brush to apply your highlighter, which I actually prefer because I can achieve a super precise application.


The Mac 217 Blending Brush ($24) can be used to blend both cream and powder products. You can precisely blend shadow into your crease with this oval shaped brush.  You can also turn this brush over onto its side and pack shadow onto your lid.


The Mac 239 Shader Brush ($25) is perfect for packing eyeshadow onto your lid. It’s rounded edges makes blending the shadow out light work.


The Eco Tools Angled Eyeshadow Brush ($4.89) can be used to precisely apply eyeliner, fill-in brows, as well highlight under your brow with your favorite concealer.


I can not stress the importance of brushing your eyebrows everyday enough! Just as you brush your hair everyday, you should also be grooming your brows. This Spoolie Brush from Target ($1.99) is a beauty steal. Just run the Spoolie through your brows in a upward motion.