Hey Loves!!!!! I decided to do a simple,  everyday look for you. I would describe my go-to look as everyday glam. I love, love, love, to look glamorous, yet simple and neutral. This look is fairly simple and I believe anyone can achieve it.  The cool thing is that you can literally rock this look through any season or for any occasion. From job interview to date night you are bound to make a lasting impression with this look.

I primarily used high end makeup brands to achieve this look; however, you can totally achieve this look by using drug store brands. Loves, please use whatever products you have that makes sense for your budget. I definitely don’t want you guys killing your pockets to recreate this look. In a later post I will do a drug store everyday look. Without further ado, here is the makeup look:



  1.  Start with a CLEAN FACE ALWAYS.  I moisturized with MAC  Strobe Cream
  2. Slay your brows – I used MAC brow pencil, spiked as a base to outline the shape of my brows and then filled them in with MAC eyeshadow, brownscript (which is reddish brown). I cleaned up my eyebrows with MAC Studio Finish Concealer.
  3. Do any color correction you find necessary. I personally don’t color correct. I’m blessed to have pretty decent skin.
  4. Apply your foundation – I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick foundation.
  5. Add some dimension to your face by highlighting and contouring – I also used Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundation for this part.
  6. Time to BAKE – I used Laura Mercier Translucent powder to set the highlighted areas of my face.
  7. Apply your eyeshadow – I only used texture by MAC as a transition color applied below the brow above the crease to marry the foundation and concealer.
  8. Apply your favorite mascara – I used my fave, Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.
  9. Apply your lashes (This is super optional. If you are not comfortable with lashes apply at least 3 coats of mascara. I’m super extra so I always do 5 coats of mascara) – I used VegasNay lashes with this look. These lashes are not my fave 😞
  10. Apply your eyeliner – I used MAC white eye liner. You can use nude, brown, black or whatever you fancy. I use white because it makes me look so alive when I’m feeling dead to the world.
  11. Apply your all over face powder – You should have been baking while you were applying your eye makeup. So go ahead and sweep off your translucent powder with a powder brush and apply your face powder. I used MAC mineralized skin finish.
  12. Warm up your face – I used MAC blunt blush as a bronzer.
  13. Reinforce your contour – I used Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour palette for my contour.
  14. Time to shine bright like a DIAMOND – Apply your highlighter at the highest point of your cheeks. I used Laura Gellar gilded honey highlighter.
  15. Apply your blush – I used MAC blush in simmer.

Paint your lips – I used Too Faced liquid lipstick in drop dead red.                       02F5D053-E26A-4C5A-96B1-46D65597F3A4Good luck practicing 😘

See you on the next blog post!